Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dress for Success...and bring lots o change

(Faithful readers know that I have a son in prison, in Susanville, CA. We are headed up there tomorrow and will visit on Sat...bright and early so we won't have to wait more than 2 hours to get in. His firefighter girlfriend broke up with him, so I don't know what kind of mood he'll be in)

California Deptartment of Corrections... on Visiting Inmates

Visitor Attire NOT ALLOWED

* Clothing which, in any combination of shades or types of material/fabric, resembles California State-issued inmate clothing, blue denim or chambray shirts and blue denim pants. * Clothing that resembles law enforcement or military-type clothing, including rain gear. * Hats, wigs or hairpieces (except with prior written approval from the Visiting Sergeant). * Clothing that exposes the breast/chest area, genital area, or buttocks. * Dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts exposing more than two inches above the knee, including slits when standing. * Sheer or transparent garments.* Strapless or “spaghetti” strap tops. * Clothing exposing the midriff area. * Clothing or accessories displaying obscene or offensive language or drawings.* Brassieres with metal underwires or any other detectable metal are not permitted.

* Allowable Items:

Identification card, one handkerchief, no bandannas ,Tissue pack, unopened Clear change purse $30.00 per adult and $10.00 per child, in coins and 1.00 bills, Comb or Brush, Two keys on a key ring with no attachments, 10 photographs, Indian Medicine Bag, upon inspection and approval,Two small Toys (less than 12 inches in length) solid toys, One infant Carrier, Six disposable diapers, Factory sealed baby wipes, Two transparent plastic baby bottles of pre-mixed formula/juice per baby, One transparent pacifier, Three jars of factory sealed baby food and one plastic baby spoon, One single-layer baby blanket, One transparent diaper bag One change or baby clothing One single-layer burp cloth Visitors may retain only life-sustaining, condition-stabilizing medication with the prescribing physician’s written statement of its immediate need, and only in the physician’s prescribed amount immediately required to sustain or stabilize the condition during the visit. The physician’s written statement shall include the physician’s medical license number, address, and phone number. All medication shall be in its original pharmacy container with the patients name, pharmacy, name of medication, prescribed dosage, and the physician’s name indicated on the container label. Non-prescription medicine is not permitted.

Prohibited Items* All tobacco and tobacco products.* Food. All refreshments are to be purchased from the vending machines located in the visiting room, except Camps and Ranches. * Chewing gum. * Purses.* Cameras.* Pagers. * Cell phones.* Writing materials or books, unless approved prior to entering the Visiting Room.

Search Requirements: All visitors must successfully pass through a metal detector to enter the visiting area. Any items that may set off the metal detector (e.g., hairclips, hairpins, jewelry, belts, belt buckles, suspenders, shoes etc.), should be removed before attempting to pass through the metal detector. If the visitor cannot successfully pass through the metal detector, the visitor is subject to delay, additional searches, or denial of visit. Visitors who have implants or prosthetic devices must bring a notarized statement from their physicain detailing the implant or device and its specific location in the body. Visitors with implanted or prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, or other assistive devices may contact the Visiting Sergeant for information and/or special instructions. The medical verification shall be renewed every two years. Visiting Room Procedures Each visitor and inmate is responsible for his or her own conduct while visiting. Violation of the rules and regulations may result in termination, restriction, suspension, or denial of visits. Additionally, disciplinary action may be taken against the inmate. (they don't mention that they check in visitors mouths and behind their ears...but, oh well)

An inmate and his/her visitor(s) are allowed to briefly embrace and kiss at the beginning and the end of their visits. An inmate may hold his or her minor children. Inmates may also hold minor children accompanied by and adult. Children are to remain under the direct supervision and control of the visiting parent or guardian at all times. Holding hands on top of the table in plain view is permitted., with no other physical contact. Excessive contact (kissing, massaging, stroking, and sitting with legs intertwined or sitting on laps) could result in termination of the visit. Nursing mothers shall be discreet and covered when breast-feeding their baby in the visiting area. Failure to do so may result in termination of visiting for that day. Inmates cannot receive any items, gifts, money, jewelry, or documents during a visit. However the adult visitor may ask for a pencil and notebook paper as needed. Smoking is not allowed in the visiting rooms or outside patios in the institutions at any time. good video on what it is like in prison.

(I best not wear an underwire bra, eh?)


Hahn at Home said...

My friend had to rip her underwire out or not go in - also, you can't wear the color shirts the guards wear - you might want to check with a social worker.

Anonymous said...

They have let me in with an underwire bra on several occasions even though the rules said it was not allowed.


Melly/Melody/or Mel said...


You weren't there to see an inmate though, right?

Eileen and Sue said...

Holy Cow! That's where the TSA must have gotten their regulations.. I'd never be able to get in.. I don't have any bras without underwire!
I know my girlfriend got turned away the first time she went to visit her nephew at Folsom. Did it mention shoes? She got dinged on those too.

Anonymous said...

Not a specific inmate, it was a tour of the entire prison. But they gave us the same rule list... who knows?


Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Eileen, I thought about shoes too. I am going to wear tennis shoes, to be safe. I don't want any inmates getting excited over my bare toes.

Jenny, they treat tour takers me on that one. What prison did you tour? I've never toured one, but I've seen a few visiting rooms. I don't recommend the vending machine diet. :) I'd best get ready to go.

Dale said...

That list is longer than some prison sentences. Man oh man. I hope you have a great visit.