Friday, August 01, 2008

Corti Brothers

I stopped over there today...I used to shop at Corti's lots when I lived near there. According to all of the employees of the store that I spoke with, they are moving..not closing. They think they might have a building just down the street...and they want to stay near East Sac. Darrell was in the store today..unpacking wine and speaking to many concerned customers. The place was busy..and Dave stopped by yesterday after a meeting at SMUD and he said it was packed at lunch-time.

I got some great meat and fish....and had to take a picture of some of my favorites that didn't require refrigeration. Well, I ate the "French Bistro" sandwich. The cranberry beans are very meaty..and go well with lamb.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm glad you mentioned Corti Brothers is merely moving. I have a friend who doesn't know what's she's going to do because she thought it was closing. Now I can tell her she can rest assured.

juliemarg said...

I think they hope that they're merely moving, and that they canstay in East Sac, but I just returned from the store and it's not a done deal. They have not yet secured a location.