Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wyoming....here we come!

Every time I hear someone say, "I am going to Jackson Hole Wyoming", I cringe. I want to respond, "why not just go to Aspen, in Colorado?" Same damned thing. Jackson Hole is not "Wyoming"..but the Tetons are!!

I grew up in Montana and Wyoming. Jackson Hole is "a mall" for tourists. It is like another "Aspen, Colorado". If you go, get out of town!

I grew up near "The Big Horn Mountains".....where area folks decided they wouldn't sell to people not born in the four counties surrounding our mountains. The land was to be passed down, or sold to family.... as it always had been. I remember when it was a huge deal at the city council meetings in Worland and Ten Sleep, Wyo. They didn't want "no Californians" coming in and buying up the land.......like what happened in Jackson Hole.

Well, I went home to visit. My brother, John, took us to the trout creek we'd always fished..for many years. This "farmer" stopped us saying that the road was now owned by him and nobody could cross to go fish. This idiot farmer from CA actually had on overalls...and no shirt underneath. He was an architect from California who had built this opulent "suburban home" on the hill. Hello? This is Wyoming! How about build a log cabin-type home? The ass would not let us go fish. I hope he was so "snowed in" that first fall and winter. Doubt anyone helped him...but then, I imagine he was in CA at that time of year.

One great memory for Dave and I was when my brother escorted us, and my sis Pat, to a private golf course outside of Ten Sleep. He knew the guy from his Catholic Church in Worland. So here we are...on this gorgeous private golf course in the Big Horn Mountains..carts and all! Trout streams meandering thru the course. We had the best-ever day! Dave scored a 33 ft. put! Sweet. I've heard since... that they sold the property and there was a resort built there. Crap. The new owners are probably from California and the previous owners probably moved to California!

Just go vacation and enjoy....it is sooo gorgeous. Don't stay too long...okay?


Eileen and Sue said...

Never been to Jackson Hole.. just Rawlins and Baggs. At least Rawlins had a McDonalds, LOL Baggs, doesn't have much of anything. I think Wyoming is the last place I'd ever want to live.. At least the areas I've seen. I'd like to see Jackson Hole, that's more my style.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Rawlins and Baggs are in the Eastern and S.Eastern part of the state...the "Bakersfields" of Wyoming.

Tourists love Jackson Hole..like I said...just go spend some time in the Tetons while you are there!!

BTW..Worland, near the mountains, has a McDonalds and an Arbys!