Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Update on Sleep Study...ah shit!

Today, I met with an ENT..Nancy Appelblatt. I asked to be referred to her after my sleep apnea study..back in late April. Hell, it took months to get in to see her! The cute thing is, my MIL asked if she could drive me to the appt. She knew where Nancy's office was, as she had taken her own MIL to her in the late 80'S. My MIL knows her way around Sacramento...and drove very well to the doctor's office. Joyce is almost 79 years old! I told Nancy that she had seen my MIL's (MIL) back in the 1980's. Nancy replied, "I must have been three years old!"

It was difficult..bottom line: I have horrid sleep apnea. I am not a candidate for correct the problem. The dr said, "you either use a CPAP machine or you buy diapers... because if you don't get a CPAP machine you will have a stroke in short order, it is your choice".

Dr. Appleblatt then stuck a long, lighted thingee down my nose, which then went down my throat! She told me that I had horrid reflux. So, she ordered a test to find out if I have a parasite. She told me that many people have parasites..they just don't know it. Ugh. So ugh. Ick. Yuk.

Bottom line...she told me to lose lots of weight, to get and use a CPAP machine, and to let my family know that is is important..that I do these things. I also have to have lots of allergy tests. She and her nurse agreed with me that "we" have horrid insurance. She suggested that we get a PPO as soon as possible. Right now, we have a Blue Cross HMO thru SMUD..which isn't much better than having MeciCal..welfare insurance. Hill Physicians Group is Crap!

All I know is, that I want to live until I am at least my MIL and FIL.


Hahn at Home said...

Want to drive your ass up here and go to the cheap gym with me? Serious. We'll do it together.

Eileen and Sue said...

Oh man..You will be amazed how much a difference the CPAP machine makes. My friend Trena had sleep apnea and used it and it worked wonders for her. After her gastric bypass she doesn't need it or have reflux. Hope you can get the lapband.

Mike S said...

Get the machine & take Lori up on her offer. We want you around until you're way past 79. Have fought the apnea and 'weighty' demons and still struggle. They can be beaten, just takes a lot of effort on your part and support on the part of others. Like anything worthwhile, it needs to receive all the time and attention required to achieve the desired results. Good luck and keep posting about it so we can follow your progress:)