Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Su Su Sushio

I LOVE Akebono II on Freeport..same shopping center as Rite Aid is in. The sushi is soooo fresh, and the people are so much fun.

Yesterday, after about 90 minutes at Quest Lab (ugh), I was starving. I had fasted for 16 hours and I wanted something healthy. Sushi!

I walked in and was welcomed with a great big Japanese "Hello..welcome!" They greet everyone that way. I sat at the sushi bar. I felt like royalty. The server remembered me from when the Sac Food Group went in there one Sunday, a few months back. We all lined up at the sushi bar that day too.

I asked William (not his Asian name) to conjure up something for me. I did begin with some raw oysters that were topped with the most amazing light spicy oil and pinkish salt. Perfect. I asked for sashimi and was given the slightly seared white tuna, some fatty tuna, some salmon, and some yellowtail. He also made me a mini roll...with thinly sliced/fried lotus root..which was like a thin potato chip. The design of it was almost too pretty to eat. The sauce (on the outside edge of the plate was spicy and sweet). The roll was in rice paper with a tiny bit of ginger and a mixture of shrimp/crab. Across the bottom of the plate was a sprinkle of fine pink bonito..which was sort of sweet. It was so delicate and melted in my mouth. I never smelled fish...not once.

While all of this is going on, the server suggests some frozen premium sake. Okay! She said it was like a super slurpee. Well, after one tiny glass..I knew I couldn't finish the rest and drive so I offered some to the sushi chefs and to a couple of ladies sitting behind me. They accepted! We toasted to summer. It was fun. I really treated myself to one fine lunch.

I give this place two thumbs and two toes up..way up! Everything about the place is just fantastic. Go there..often. Akebono II..on Freeport in Sacramento!

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Eileen and Sue said...

We also just went there Sunday for dinner, it was good. My granddaughter loved it. sushi and sashimi is her favorite food. She had the Chirashi which is a big mound of sushi rice with an assorment of fish.. kind of like a deconstructed sushi. I ordered a couple of rolls and Charlie had Beef Teriyaki and Tempura plate plus some of my sushi rolls.