Friday, July 11, 2008

Lab Tests--the bottom line

I saw my primary doc today. BTW, if you want one great and concerned professional, she is it! She, Lee Lipton, PA, and works for my primary care doc, Jeanette Frei,M.D. She is so concerned for my care..maybe cause she is only in the office on Fridays! She is not a "burnt out" doc..and spends 30-45 minutes with me each time I see her. Her office number is 691-6622. She is a great health professional. Lee Lipton, PA. She is the bomb!

Bottom lipids are going down each time I see her. She was happy with my labs. She also said that the ENT I went to is "the best in Sacto"...and whatever she was ordering for me she would back up 100%. My ENT was Nancy Appleblatt! She is respected for sure.

My doc said, "I am not okay with a major surgery like gastric bypass or lapband. You have been losing weight slowly and steadily..and your labs show that you are working hard. I am proud of your efforts". I told her that I was joining a gym, when I get back from Portland, which only costs an $80.00 member fee and then just $9.99 a month to work out 3X a week. My friend Lori is going to join help motivate me. It is a month-to-month deal with no contracts. I like that!

I still have to go for allergy tests, an endoscopy, and finally a colonoscopy. Long story short, the colonoscopy was re-scheduled to the point that they told me they never got a referral from my primary care dr. I got a copy of the referral today..which was dated 9/12/07. They re-faxed it today! I go for that on 9/17/08/...more than a year from when it was referred!

So, the referral process sucks..but I am so happy to have Lee Lipton, PA as my doc, and for seeing Nancy Appleblatt as my ENT.

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Mike S said...

Our family doctor and her husband are close friends, and yours sounds like a carbon copy. I find female doctors much nicer to deal with and have had female docs since my early 20s. What I discovered then holds true in most cases today, female docs actually LISTEN to what I say and are more concerned with my health than male docs, who seem annoyed to have sick people around. Not true of all male docs, but why take the risk if a female doc is available?

You seem to be headed in the 'healthier Melly' direction. I have to use pool exercises, which I find work really well too.