Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making pasta....again.:)

So, I am at it again. I just love my new pasta making attachments! Today, I mixed semolina flour (the best) with all-purpose flour (50/50), and added some flax seed meal for the extra omega-3 goodness...and some fresh thyme. I made some large flat pasta and then pressed a fork through each hold the sauce don'tcha know. The spaghetti attachment made fairly thin spaghetti..but it was fun watching it come out! I'll save that for later.
The sauce was healthy. Onions, celery, carrots, asparagus, garlic..sauteed, then a can of Muir Glen whole tomatoes (squished up) and a can of drained garbanzo beans..for the protein. Fresh oregano and thyme..salt and pepper. Delicious. When it is too smokey to go outside, making pasta is a very good thing. Today was lots less smokey than yesterday though. Let's hope no more fires in Northern California!!

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Mike S said...

Damn! You wuz doin' great until the beans. I'm allergic, although I can eat some legumes, just gotta experiment. Garbanzos were on the siq end of the experiment.