Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hearing Breathing Into My Phone!

Grandmothers are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into their telephone. I love it when they put the phone up to Ethan so I can talk to him..and he giggles, or just breathes! It was the same with Elaina. Now she is a big girl!

I also got one of the great thrills of my life when I called my kids in Portland one day and my granddaughter answered the phone, "Hi Grandma!" I melted...I got tears in my eyes.

"Grandmothers and grandchildren have a lot in common. They are inclined to straggle behind on walks, they like fancy cakes, they are fond of cats and know how to talk to them, they are given to falling over, and they get the giggles". by Pam Brown.

I am not into the falling over stage yet...but I hope to be one day!

Another quote from Pam Brown:

"A grandmother is a luxury most of us can afford when we were very young.... they say they are our mother's or father's mother..but we only half believe them..for they belong to us.

Their whole existence is dictated by our own. They do have houses and cups and saucers..and gardens and cats. But it is as if all they possess is on standby, waiting for us to visit.

They are there to tell us stories, sing us songs, talk about 'the long ago', give us surprizzles, keep our secrets, show us how to do things, tie up shoelaces...a bit of pulling, and trail behind us when our parents are shopping. They are there to be hugged and snuggled, made cups of invisible tea, sung to and wrapped up in blankets. They are there to love us..and to be loved back."

That is the truth.

"Grandma always made me feel she had been waiting to see just me all day long..and now her day was complete." anonymous quote.

"All grandmothers like letters, even if they just consist of a squiggle and a dirty finger mark"..Pam Brown.

Here is the best one:

"Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lieves has ever done..not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends..and hardly ever our own grown children". Ruth Goode.

Having grandkids has made me so aware of my own mortality. I lay in bed sometimes and think..let me live long enough to see them graduate from high school, or let me live long enough to go to their sporting events, or best yet..let me live long enough to be able to sit at my kitchen table while they tell me stories, eat my food, and enjoy each others company.


Eileen and Sue said...

That is great! Tianna is here until August, so it will be busy. A few more years and Elena will be able to fly down by herself to see you. As scarey as that is, it's so wonderful to see them light up when they see you waiting for them as they deplane.

Mike S said...

Our little grandson in Calgary is just starting to talk well. His new thing is to answer the phone and say "Who's calling us please?" in his 2year old voice. No matter what you answer, he says the same thing, "Wait, I go get a big person." Cracks me up every time:)

The only reasonable excuse for having children is so you may one day have grandchildrem to spoil.

DIL said...

Glad you like em, cause Elaina has decided she likes to sleep in Gwama's bed. LOL