Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Dave and I support Gay and Lesbian rights...and we love our gay and lesbian friends. We enjoyed being a part of the gay pride supporters today. Our friends, Lori and Doreen had the very most creative float in the parade! A Hitachi Magic Wand that they made, on top of D's car. It was perfect, as the theme was, "Do you believe in magic?"

The thing that bugged us, and horrified us, were the so-called Christians with their signs and microphones to protest "all things gay". We were a part of the contingent walking from our parade spot, with our gay friends, to South Side Park. The "Christians" taunted all people entering the park..saying things over a loud speaker like, "you walk like a girl...yet you are a should be ashamed, you are going to hell". He was ignored. Then they yelled to anyone with kids or teens, "your children are going to hell because you are from the devil...children, forsake your evil parents!" We stood there with Em, Lori's darling daughter. It was sickening. The gay contingent just blessed them as they passed...and many Sac churches stood there silently, across from them, with their "Tolerance", "God Loves ALL People", signs.

These are the same shameful people who show up with signs about abortion....judging those who pass by them. They are MEAN and HATEFUL. I don't think Jesus would approve. I know the Bible, and it is clear that anyone can interpret verses to fit their position. I just know that Jesus would not be hateful and mean-spirited....according to the Bible. That being said...I am not a Christian any longer. I used to go "door to door" trying to recruit people...back in 1977. I was in a cult, for sure. I am ashamed of that time in my life. All I know now is, those so-called Christians holding up hateful signs, are not children of god/goddess. They are simply miserable, hateful people with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning.

It was one HOT day. Dave and I enjoyed the parade, went into the park. We were stupid..didn't have much cash for the food or beverages. The line for the ONE ATM was a block long. We left, got in our car, turned on the air full blast, and enjoyed a cold beer and breakfast at Cafe Bernardo on Capitol. Shannon was there with her cute girlfriend, who was in the parade. We felt cooled off and filled up. We headed to Elk Grove to pick up Dave's truck, paid 1100.00 bucks to fix the catalytic converter and all the parts that had been cut last week, and came home. We stripped down, turned the air up, and enjoyed a movie.

Someone called us, "Queer Lovers", as I still had my rainbow sticker on my shirt. My response? We just love really good people...our queer friends are very good people.


Queers United said...

Thanks for supporting the community, its allies like yourself that help advance this major civil rights movement =)

Hahn at Home said...

You and Dave are simply the best.

Mike S said...

Hope somebody took photos!! The Maine Christian Civic League just dropped their campaign to repeal our 'Gay Rights' laws and their attempt to prevent Gay unions of any sort. Seems they suffered from a state-wide lack of support(needed at least 15K signatures)on petitions, financing, and volunteers. Finally!!!
The wife & I have fought these bastards for years after they made life miserable for a few of our foster kids who were gay.
There's nothing about them common to most folks here, Christians, OR Civic-minded folks! It's the haters like them that would make Jesus weep to see what they say in his name. The Creator must've known what She was doing making people like that, but it's a mystery to me why.

Eileen and Sue said...

I agree about the "Christians" they are hateful and I'm sure Jesus would be horrified by their interpretation of the bible. I'm not Christian, I'm Buddhist. Does anyone know what their stand is on gay marriages? I guess I'll ask in my blog.. I'd like to know.

DIL said...

I am Christian... not "Christian" and I support gay right. Equal rights are not a part of my religious beliefs they are a part of my human beliefs. Mel your right, God does not HATE anyone. My God loves all and welcomes them home when it is time.
It’s those “Christians” that give all religious groups a bad name. They are the loud mouths. Just like the Taliban do not represent all muslins. They just have big loud bombs so they get the most attention.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Well said, DIL!

I was impressed with the number of churches and Christians who DO support gay rights.