Monday, May 19, 2008

The Indian Potluck at Raj and Shankari's

Shankari looks proud as she surveys the table loaded with food that she taught everyone to make. It was all delicious but I gotta say, Eileen has that Pani Puri down!! I want a franchise...and I do believe they are as addictive as crack must be. I wouldn't know.
Like I said, I will be taking a class from her..and I cannot wait. Her website lists her class schedule plus she and Eileen both have better descriptions of the food served.

The entire gang..afterward. I took this photo.

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Eileen and Sue said...

I'll teach you how to make the Pani Puri, it's easy, other than frying all those Puri's. We are supposed to have private cooking class, but still haven't set a date.