Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taylor's Turns Me On

I love, love, love Taylor's Market. Just look at that Scottish Salmon and those Wild "dry" Scallops. I used the pesto with the pasta..seared the scallops in butter/olive oil (salt and pepper)and then finished the dish with more fresh lemon juice. Dave bowed down to me after this one. For fresh, gourmet ingredients...go to Taylor's. Great butchers! [Fage is my all-time favorite yogurt-I am making gyros with my leftover lamb]

Also, Taylor's is going to expand a bit and have an events room. They'll do cooking demo's and wine tastings..nice.

Taylor's Market
2900 Freeport
Sacramento, CA.

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Eileen and Sue said...

I love the lemon pesto, they sometimes carry that brand at Cosco. The salmon and scallops look delishious. I love their Muffaleta sandwich.