Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day, Cats and Lamb

You can see that my cat Stella doesn't care for lamb. She'd rather sit on the coffee machine and watch for hummingbirds. Next they run into the guest room and onto their "condo" to watch swallows! Stella in loft, Simon is the yellow cat and Stanley is the grey one on the main floor. They all send a kind shout out to Upsie and say, "keep enjoying that food your mom gives ya". (click on photos to enlarge)

I'll post the recipe for the lamb later. Oh, the little cat playing with the easter egg is Miss Priss, my in-laws kitty. That's where we went with dinner..just about 8 steps from our back door!


Dale said...

Quite a Bunn warmer you've got there!

Eileen and Sue said...

lamb looks good.. we just took my mothr to Maritime in Carmaichael. It was good. They had lamb shanks so my mother was happy, she loves lamb. I had the mahi mahi which was very good.
Great pics..

Hahn at Home said...

Lamb is one of my most favoritest. Next time, call me! Buzz.

sher said...

Melly, what a fabulous dinner--and house. It made me think of the film, The Quiet Man.

Well, I can see why Stella wanted to look at the hummers!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Sher...The Quiet Man? The one with John Wayne? I'll have to find that and watch it.

I'll call ya next time Lori.

Eileen..lamb is my very's my "impress company" meal.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Dale...yes, Stella is quite the "Bunn" warmer. She also warms the sinks, the bathtub, any empty box, and Dave's underwear.