Friday, March 14, 2008


I am ashamed but I must admit that I do take magazines from the doctor's office. I have made amends by taking magazines (good ones) from my home to the doctor's office when I have to go.

What do I steal?

I take "parenting magazines"...or the like. Why? Well, I want to stay up on what is new with parents and kids..and I read the advertisements to see what mom's want to buy. I want my son and DIL to know that I am trying. I want to stay "in step" with my grandkids.

Guess what I found today in "Wonder Time?" The bebePOD plus! A soft and flexible 'pediatrician recommended' sit up chair for kids 3 mos to 18 mos. Hell, I know by now that no kid is gonna sit in this thing willingly after 9 or 10 mos. But it is great! It has an easy to attach adjustable tray--great for play time or snack time! The tray is in the shape of a sliced watermelon. OMG. While lots of women are salivating over Jimmy Chu shoes, I am so excited about the latest baby stuff. I never thought I could fall in love at my age...but I have. With my grandkids. It will happen to you one day. :)

Also, I haven't written any 'Dee stories' lately because I really did hurt my sister by revealing more than she wanted revealed. I feel stuck now..but I'll manage it and hope to write again. I don't want to hurt my family.

That's all for now.


Eileen and Sue said...

I know about the love, aren't grandkids great? I'm going to have to check out this bebePOD plus. My daugher could probably use one when the baby comes.

Hahn at Home said...

Thanks for coming over for my chicken with fig sauce! Sorry about the potatoes - and who knew Dave didn't like asparagus. You guys put on a game face, thanks!

I had the best time, we have to do it again soon and thanks for the good luck Port and chocolate.

I'm very much looking forward to the Dee stories. I just found out my mom was mad at me about something I posted and I didn't even know she read it anymore. What can ya' do?

sher said...

Melly! I do that too. But, I'm so superficial, I once removed (tore it out actually) a fabulous picture of Robert Redford while I was in my doctor's office waiting for her to come in. I mean, he didn't have a shirt on! How could I resist?

Thank you for your coforting words about Upsie. It helps during a tough time. :)

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

It won't be long now Eileen!

Lori, fig sauce!

Sher, I saw Robert Redford once (in a ski lodge) and nearly tore off his shirt!