Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Well, I got up at 6 a.m. to see Mike and Jenn off to the hospital. She is being induced today..and we know it's a boy. I just hope she has a smooth and easy time of it. They took so much stuff with them, I thought they were moving! Mike had his photographic stuff, Jenn took her bag, pillows, magazines, etc. I'll take Elaina up in a few hours..when they call me and we'll be in the room as well..unless Elaina reacts that point I'll take her out. I am packing her little bag as well. We'll all be in "the birthing room". I am so excited.

Jenn belongs to this mothers group who, for 6 weeks, take turns bringing cooked meals 3 nights a week. They started already and brought a wonderful baked ziti, some Mexican soup with corn bread, and some ravioli with garlic bread. Amazing.

What a difference 30 something years make!

With Mike, I was rushed to the hospital after having a few contractions and then went thru 27 very painful hours of labor! I don't remember much. Only relatives were allowed to visit..and then only a few hours a day. Mike was kept in the nursery AND no family in the delivery room with either of my babies.

With Jer, my water broke, we drove 2.5 hours to Billings (to a real hospital) and even stopped for breakfast. I had him 10 hours later..and it was a relatively easy birth..but again, he was kept in the nursery.

Well, I can hear Elaina waking up...I can see her as well. These video baby monitors are fantastic! She likes to play in her bed for 30 minutes before getting up. She talks to all of her stuffed animals, reads a book (like only she can do) and eventually stands up.

Being a grandma is just the best. I get to remember physical pain involved.

(P.S. We put the tree up yesterday and it was snowing outside...these big fluffy flakes. Priceless).


Hahn at Home said...

Oooh, boy, I'm so excited! Let me know how it goes!

Eileen and Sue said...

congratulations!! Yes, it's quite different from when we had our kids. When Summer had Tianna it was in a bithing room and I got to be there. She had 24hr room service, videos and that night they provided a romantic celebration dinner for her and the father.. steaks and champagne!! with roses. Boy, I was lucky to get a glass of water. This time she's going to be in a military hospital so she's a little afraid it won't be so plush. I hope I can be there again.