Saturday, November 03, 2007

McCormick and "Schitz"

I met a friend downtown for lunch yesterday. Lori works in the Elks building, so I suggested we meet at McCormick and Schmicks. She agreed, secretly knowing I would be less than impressed but she was kind enough to allow me the pleasure of discovering this sad fact on my own.

First off, the young guy at the "reservation podium" was snooty. Not a smile to be had from him, not a welcome...just a look down his nose and "we'll have your table ready in 5 minutes". That was interesting since they were not busy, I had reservations, and the table they took me to had been ready for 5 minutes. I did notice that the "manager" had gone out to tell the valets to take their hands out of their pockets and place them behind their backs in a crosswise if they were guarding a military post.

So, we get our menus and are told they are printed up twice a day to reflect the fresh and different kinds of fish that are delivered several times a day. Wry grins are exchanged between my dining companion and I.

I ended up with the fresh tuna melt with cheese and housemade chips and L got the cod sandwich. I got their frozen fries..not the fresh housemade chips but when I told the waiter I was surprised to get the fries he just said, "all sandwiches come with fries". Apparently he was not aware of what was on the menu with regard to what comes with my order.

The tuna was dry..and I didn't think the cheese was a match at all. Lori was not impressed with her dish either..and that seems to be the consensus of several people who work in the building. We left nearly all of the fries and each only had a few bites of our sandwiches. The waiter did not inquire about why we had not eaten much...but L told him, "note to the chef..the tuna was dry". The waiter thanked her. Hmmm.

McCormick's is a lovely restaurant. Wonderful atmosphere there. I did want the raw oysters..I love em. I might go back at night just for a drink and some raw oysters..and a seat in a booth by the window facing J Street so I can watch the homeless schizophrenics walk by, wrapped in blankets and ranting to anyone who will listen. On the way back to my car, I was stopped and asked for money for a very skinny young woman. I gave her some, of course. Don't know if she bought a salad or crack....but whatever. She was in need.

On a side note, Miss Lori has quite the fancy schmancy office in the building. I was very impressed...and with all of the many renovations going on in that old building. She gave me the tour.


Eileen and Sue said...

well, that's sad to see it hasn't improved from the soft opening we went to. We were told that customer service was their #1 priority. Guess that went out the window quickly.

Dale said...

The homeless schizos probably ate better than you that day. I'm not sure who I feel worse for now.

Hahn at Home said...

Fancy Schmansy is the technical term we use for the office too, very nice catch.

And, thanks for lunch--we need to do it more often. Lunch, not "it", well, you know what I mean.