Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Chapter in Dee's Life

The white ceiling and the bright lights stung her eyes. She felt groggy and sick as she stared into the dark eyes from above. Dee was scared..and she began to sob.

"You'll be fine Mrs. Elliott", said the nurse. "You are in Deaconess Hospital, in Billings".

The last thing Dee remembered was hanging laundry in the backyard of her house. It had been a beautiful, crisp and sunny Montana morning. She had been feeling very tired the past few months. She always called it "being pooped". Her doctor had given her a strong tranquelizer for her "tiredness". Her beloved mother had died recently, and two years before that her son Michael died shortly after birth, and her daughter Lydia was stillborn. On top of that she had 4 small children who had all been sick with the measles, and her husband was out-of-town more often than not.

She thinks to herself....I must have finally cracked up- and it only took me till I was 26 years old! She had been given her third electro-convulsive shock treatment that morning but doesn't recall much about it. Her only concerns are.. where are my kids and where the hell am I?


Hahn at Home said...

Oh, so now you're "Lost" and leave us with cliffhangers. Sadist.

Melly said...

Very astute Lori! I have to keep you coming back don't I?

Mama L said...

I know the episode....lack the details. 26? Good Lord.