Friday, August 24, 2007

Who's Up For Tango?

I was over at our other house in S. Sac near the Pacific Rim Plaza this morning. I was going down 65th and spotted Tango Cafe. It was only 10:15 a.m., but decided to give it a shot.

Tango Cafe is competing with a shit-load of asian restuarnts over there.It's blah strip mall on the outside, but on the inside it is filled with wonderful color, some beautiful, well-placed plants and huge orchids, and some nicely appointed furniture. I could do without the big screen tv's..but it seems to be a popular feature these days. The sound was turned down so I got to enjoy the Vietnamese pop music playing over their system. I also noticed what seemed to be an electric piano under the tv. Hmmmmm.

Their ouside patio area was filled with what appeared to be 30-ish Viet locals and on the inside sat a few tables of older gents, apparently enjoying some gossip over the wonderful vietnamese coffe. I wish I understood their language, because one of the gentlemen called the server over to speak about the noodle soup. They both laughed so I assume all was well. The big bowl it was served in was gorgeous and there were lots of noodles..and the guy was an expert using those sticks and that spoon to get them in his mouth. I was so envious. Now this is my kind of breakfast place!

I asked the young female server what she would order. She quickly said "I sorry" and ran to the back to get the owner who speaks English. She was very pleasant in returning to my table to fill my tea glass and make sure I was "okay". Phuc recommended the #7. Green Papaya Shrimp & Pork Salad for a reasonable $7.00 and the #18. Chicken Stir Fry in Lemongrass with Chili Sauce (an entree for $7.00). I thought about getting the avacado shake, but decided on tea instead. Mr. Dong brought me a fork and spoon with my meal. I should've asked for chopsticks.. but then, I always feel self-conscious cause I'm not really great with I let it go. I must practice at home!

The salad was good but I was hoping it would have had more "heat" to it. Maybe they "dumbed it down" for me. The presentation was beautiful, as was the dinnerware it was served on. The chicken stir-fry was fabulous. I had asked Phuc for a spicey entree and he steered me right. Again, beautifully presented and well-prepared. Delicate but spicey..just what I like about Vietnamese food. There weren't any condiments on any of the tables..and nobody asked for any. At most Vietnamese places I see lots of condiments and it seems I always get limes, sprouts, and basil. But no..and since nobody else was asking..I didn't either.

They have Heineken and Corona and what they call their "house wines". Their menu comes in a leather-like binder and is short and sweet. Sometimes too many choices confuse me. Next time I want to try their hot and sour fish soup and the salty fish fried rice..and one day thier Rice in Claypot dishes. The most expensive entrees were $12.00...Saigon Cube Steak and the New York Cognac.

Tango Cafe has only been open for 3 months. They have the green pass certificate on the front we know it passed the first health inspection. Oh, the woman's bathroom was very well appointed too. I like that. Someone must have used fung shui when certainly felt open, welcoming, and everything flowed nicely :-) It looked like they had their cash register placed in the "prosperity corner"...and I wish them luck. I do hope they increase their appetizer section, and the papaya salad could have been colder with more spice.

Here is the slogan printed at the bottom of the menu: "Vietnamese fare gets fine diplomatic treatment in a stylish, appealing setting". I'd agree with that.

Tango Cafe
6680 65th, Suite 45 & 50
Pacific Rim Plaza
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phuc Dong, Manager

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Hahn at Home said...

Not much chance I'll go southside voluntarily being a northside girl, but if you ever bring leftovers, I'm game!