Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's Eat Jewish...and convince Stella to bathe already!

So I made the matzoh balls...yes, from a mix. So what? Who'll know? It's fine. (For those who have to make em from scratch, see this.) ooops...the chef uses the same box I did!
Ya gotta simmer em till they are "just right". Use chicken stock. I did add parsley and garlic to the mix. Do NOT use this stock for the final dish. This cloudy liquid should be discarded..down the sink, out the door, in the toilet.
I made some outstanding chicken stock....NOT from a box or can. Forgot to chop some carrots up. Who'll know? So what? It's fine. See how clear the broth is? So fragrant and flavorful too.
I then prepared some zchug (Jewish salsa) and opened some sour cream for the latkes.
We convinced Stella to take a bath...had to include it because she looks so cute. This has nothing to do with anything really.
I love to make schmaltz..I always save chicken fat. Ya cook that stuff long enough and guess what???
a little kosher salt on top and we had Jewish "pork" rinds. really crunchy and light.
So shred some raw potatoes and some onions...add a bit of salt and pepper and a woosh of matzo meal or flour...and fry em in the schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) so they are crispy outside and creamy inside. I love all kinds of latkes...sweet potato latkes are fabu!
Perfect...seriously. Cottage cheese and tater latkes are very delish indeed.
and because I like the matzoh's so much...I added the same photo again. ;=/ Be sure your hands are oily when you roll em...just veggie oil. Okay...this Shiksa's gotta goy.


Joanna Jenkins said...

This is my family's favorite meal-- Literally Matzo ball soup and latkes. It's the best.

And are there any there kind of ways to make matzo balls than from the mix :-)

Enjoy! jj

Ps I have dinner envy :-)

Marcia said...

yummmm!!!! Stella doesn't look too thrilled :)

Dale said...

I've never had matzo, how can that be?