Monday, December 06, 2010

From Chopped Liver to Pho

I make really good chopped liver....hey, it went over well with Izzy's people.
The secret....schmaltz
Poach the liver in the schmaltz..which is rendered chicken fat.
I made a 3 layer cake for Dave...hard to believe, eh? I had a brownie layer in the middle.
and when I really want comfort food...I make my version of Pho. Spicy please.

We are off to Portland, Oregon to see the grandkids! Maybe I'll post recipes later...or not.


TaraDharma said...

I love love love chopped liver!

I admit, I've never eaten Pho, and you're the second blogger to mention it in as many days. Is that the universe telling me to go get myself some Pho?

Have a great time in Portland! See you soon! 8 days!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Have a great time with the grandkids in Portland and safe travels.

And that cake-- YUM.