Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lazy Blogger... but I am cooking!

One of Nathalie Dupree's dishes from her upcoming cookbook!
A big pot of it. I could serve quite a few wonderful meals from this dutch oven.
Stella Koontz....for Governor of CA. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

**I am one lazy blogger. I have been cooking quite a bit lately. Testing recipe's for Nathalie Dupree's newest cookbook, so all top secret really...but I think I can share a photo. :) You know, Nathalie is running for Senator in South Carolina. Write in candidate! Seriously. Go Nathalie!!!! I know she'd do a great job too. Watch her on CNN here!

I have posted a couple of photos of one of her fabulous recipes from her up-coming cookbook....delish.

(I've shared that my cat, Stella Koontz, is a write-in candidate for Governor of California. She has not spent one dime on her campaign. No matter. The top two candidates have spent millions and we still don't have a decent choice).

Stella likes to sit in the kitchen and meow loudly, she is for same-sex marriage (is in love with female cat next door) and believes that all beings are created equal...except for her brother's, Buddy and Stanley. They are dorks.


Joanna Jenkins said...

That looks awesome-- I can almost smell it. Ahhh.
Have a great week, jj

TaraDharma said...

Stella looks as though she's had a wee too much of Ms. Dupree's delicious looking dish! If I hadn't already sent in my ballot, I would have written in Stella Koontz. What have we got to lose?