Thursday, August 05, 2010


Dave said, "don't take a picture!" I did. He is cute in the morning. Kramer? I love Dave!

When he leaves his glasses at work..he has to wear these old ones. Adam Ant! I laugh so hard.
Don't take my picture! But, I did. This is my bestest friend. :)

Adam Ant. Reminds me of a great story...a true one.

I married Mike Harris when I was just 17. We had our darling son, Mike Harris, Jr. November 27th, 1970....7 months later.

Long story short....Mr. Harris was into the ladies. Always was....even before we married. I had this stupid idea that when he married me, we would live the life of being happy parents..raising happy kids until we were very old. I wanted that so much. He also wanted a child (a son is what he wanted)..and we planned to we made it happen. We had a lovely wedding....and that was about the last happy day I had with him.

Mikey was about 15 mos. old. Mike, Sr. worked in the oil fields. He insisted that I get up at 4 a.m. to make his lunch..and fill his Stanley Thermos with fresh coffee. Well, he had been out..with another woman until 2 a.m. (friends called me). I decided to make his lunch and put it into Mikey's Adam Ant lunch box..instead of his heavy duty huge black one.

He got up at the last minute..hungover. The guys in the big truck were honking like mad! He yelled...."hand me my lunchbox and thermos". I did. He was so angry when he saw the Adam Ant lunchbox. He had no time to change it. I could hear the guys laughing when he got into the truck. I moved out....that day.


Marcia said...

Oh yes.....I do remember those days--but WE had a fun time being pregnant together :))

Joanna Jenkins said...

Good for you!

I like how you told this story-- I bet you were smiling when you wrote it too.


Mel said...

Marcia...indeed. Preggers in the summer. High school we were not allowed to go to school while pregnant! Kathy H made it thru her sr. year preggers..she barely showed at 7 mos! I looked like a basketball at 5 mos!

Mel said...

JJ...sad thing is, we got back together but that is a ho nova stowee.

Peg said...

great story, well told.