Friday, April 02, 2010

Grilldave is a Weber Man

My in-laws went to Taylor's Market and brought home beef filet's for our anniversary!
Grilldave cooked them perfectly med. rare on the Weber. These are thick steaks people! They had that crispy kind of char on the outside and that tender lusciousness on the inside. Like I'm gonna go vegan. We made a blue cheese butter for the filet's. Beautiful tenderloin!!
But then, on the other side he marinated and then grilled these gargantuan portabello shrooms. Which did I choose to eat?
He even lightly grilled these bunching onions from the garden...this is the 'before' photo. Great in the salad.
And sometimes...if it is raining, he likes a pan-seared rib-eye. Just as delicious.

Maybe I should get him that new Weber grill that he wants.


lhahn said...

I think you better get him one. He's too good to be true sometimes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think we can smell the steaks cooking at OUR house!

Happy belated anniversary, Mel and Dave! Like most things these days, it went right over my head (or maybe through it; there's nothing in there to hold a thought anymore).

Love, your big brother and sister-in-law