Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Even Kids Love Matzo Ball Soup!

Eva was totally into the mini-passover lunch today. Everyone had two bowls!
"Can I have more mitzi soup Mel?" That girl eats like a truck driver! :) :)
Nora liked it a lot too...and loved her princess dish and cup!
Nora looked so pretty and ate so delicately....she is older than Eva.
Eva played more on the cat tree than the cats did! She cracks me up.
I made lots o matzo balls last night...this was the golf-ball size batch..which we had today.
Ahhhhhh...perfect floaters.
The chicken soup is the key to a great matzo ball soup..in my humble opinion. Do NOT cook your matzo balls in your chicken soup. Those are onions you are looking at...chicken is underneath. Also, don't boil the soup...makes for a cloudy broth. Simmer.....
These were last night's matzo balls....kinda huge but delish. All floaters BTW.
I even saved up chicken fat and made schmaltz for the matzo balls. It made a difference!

Thanks to Ann, Eva, Kate, and Nora for making this a fun lunch today. It was great having you over! I appreciated the dessert goodies...and Dave will too! Those girls are so darling...and so are their little kids.


Louise said...

Great site... it's Passover, perfect for Matzo Ball soup.

shankari said...

Eva & Nora are just adorable. It is fun to watch Eva eat, I enjoy seeing her love for good food.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

I agree Shankari. My grandson eats like a truck driver too...and that is a compliment!! Especially when it's my dinner he is eating. lol!

Eileen said...

They are so adorable! I know how delicious your chicken broth is!

Carolyn Jung said...

I don't know a kid who doesn't love a good meatball of any sort. And matzo balls are just so wonderfully soft and juicy. I, myself, could easily eat an entire bowl of them. Would that be wrong? ;)

margaret said...

I lost my Marlena Spieler and found your blog while looking for a secondhand copy. It's great to find so many of the recipes online meantime! Thank you :)

Cute kids, btw, and great cat tree.

margaret said...

Hi Mel, off topic to the post, but thank you for offering to send me a recipe. The one I was thinking of was the Jerusalem kodafa and I found it on your friend's site - if it turns out I'll post a photo.