Sunday, November 01, 2009

Festival of Lights-Three Ways

Jewish Festival of Lights

Hindu Festival of Lights

Buddhist Festival of Lights

I love diversity. I think it is one of the reason's I love living in Sacramento.

Food is a fabulous way to learn about other people. You saw Gran Torino, right? Food brought them all together.

The cooking/blogging project begins Sunday, November 8th. More tomorrow!


Ra said...

Yay to the taste testing and photographing portion of the project. I got my macro/prime lens

Tera said...

I love that Buddhist Festival of lights and the Divali video and Jewish lighting of the menora with prayer brought back many good memories. I am a Christian, but I believe we all are worshiping the same God and we just don't know it and we'll never know it, but we can at least share in the unity of our desire to know God and experience that love and joy and peace in our hearts and, of course, from the food God provides for us for pleasure and nurture.