Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do I Love My Brand New Roof?

I took the first pic the first evening...kinda dark. Yes, we have those crappy popcorn ceilings in some of our rooms!

I took this photo the next morning. The other leak, in the kitchen, was leaking through the light fixture so you can't see the damage it caused. rained for the first time and look what happened? Our roof was less than one month old. They forgot to put new flashing around the fireplace vent and the heater/air con. which is also on the roof. I asked "so what should I do about my wet ceiling?" The worker said, "let it dry and paint it." If I wasn't feeling so poorly, I would have cussed him out. People who know me..realize I must've been feeling pretty sick. I still have to go back to Angies List and give a report on Rankin Lyman roofing. I am glad I waited until it rained. I really liked em when they were here!!


Anonymous said...

That sucks so bad! When we got our roof replaced the guys were great but the first crazy rainstorm, I was very uneasy and constantly checking for leaks. None happened, so we lucked out. They better refund you the cost of painting and cleaning up!


Willene Fagen said...

A month old and it already had a leak? That’s such a bummer! Roof is the first level of protection in our house, so it’s really must that they’re done properly. How’s your roof, by the way? I hope the leak was fixed immediately. If ignored, it can cause more damage to your property.

Willene Fagen

Elizabeth said...

A deteriorated flashing just a month after installation could only mean two things: poor installation and materials. If you have the basic knowledge of roofing, you may do the repair yourself. But if in any doubt, always call a professional to do it for you and to see any further repairs that need attending to.

Elizabeth Hoffnung

Scarlet Weingarten said...

The common reasons why the roof leaks are flashing negligence, skylight issues, the years that passed since it's been installed, and improper installation by contractors. In your case, the roof is newly installed, so it must be improper installation. I hope that your contractor responded immediately for repair. There are many other reasons why your roof can develop leaks. Check the roof regularly to minimize further damage.

Roof Works Inc.