Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Family Jewels

I was moving some stuff around in the guest room and ended up looking thru my mom's old jewelry box. There are no REAL jewels in there..not anymore. I have wonderful memories though..of the stuff she wore that I still do have. She wore some far-out and cool stuff..even well into her 60's. My favorite was her purple leather mid thigh trench coat with real fox fur on the collar and cuffs..along with the fur hat that matched...and her purple leather boots...and her big loop earrings. (don't tell PETA about the fur thing..'k?)

I felt like a kid again...snooping thru her jewelry box [a different one back then] and trying stuff on. I actually smelled her scarves and pocketbook. hoping they still had her scent.. The box still smells like her bedroom..inside anyway...a bit of Youthdew perfume and the very faint smell of Pall Malls.


Peg said...

Love the old shaver!!

Dale said...

And a Lady Sunbeam to boot? That's treasure!