Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop....or you'll go blind!

My husband has become a real masterbaker. The book he drooled for..and the myrtlewood breadknife we got while in Oregon this summer.

His first attempt at challa

It was really to die very delicious.

The next weekend, his first attempt at brioche.

Delicious..even though he said he had the wrong pan so it didn't get as big as he wanted. Now he has an official brioche pan. It makes killer french toast!

This weekend..who knows what he'll try! I am soooo happy!


Anonymous said...

funny...hey Labor day weekend do you want to do that boat trip? Maybe Sunday or Monday? Let us know. Bring bread!


Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

I leave on the 7th to head to Susanville...but Sunday would work!

Boat trip....nice. What kind of bread...he takes requests!

Dale said...

Lots of bread means lots of butter right? Looks delicious!

Pat said...

I never realized my tongue is longer than Ben's!! It looks lovely.

Carolyn Jung said...

Those are some gorgeous loaves. I wish I could pick up a few! ;)