Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Post 4th Brunch at our Place

Dave made some damn fine Denver Ribs (lamb ribs)...bbq'd em low and slow and we marinated them in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and rosemary. We had shrimp with cocktail sauce, wild mushroom and garlic ravioli with olive oil and parmesean cheese, Shankari brought some fantastic potato salad. I made an eggs benedict casserole with fried green tomatoes on top...drizzled with hollandaise and hash browns on the side. We had brie, and scones/muffins/bread with lemon curd....and some fruit....forgot to put the blueberries on top of the other fruit. Oh well. I also grilled up some veggies and then swirled them into a grilled bloody mary mix...go virgin or go vodka. It was good either way.

The best part of the day was the company...such awesome people, and funny too!

Thanks to Lori (http://www.hahnathome.com/) for taking the pics and bringing the juice!

Thanks to Margaret and Ron (http://www.nannygoatsinpanties.blogspot.com/ ) for the soda.

Thanks to Shankari and Ra (http://www.shankari-rajesh.blogspot.com/ ) for the salad.

Thanks to Greg and Becky (http://www.sacrag.com/ ) for the breakfast beer. Thanks Sac-eats and Runnergirl!

Thanks to Jenny and Phil for bringing the fabulous champagne and oj for the mimosas..oh, and vodka. No blog...just dogs.

Thanks to my in-laws for allowing us to eat on their patio..and move furniture around...shout out to Bill and Joyce! They also ran to the store Sunday morning...and mom helped me dish up.

Thanks to my husband, Dave, for being such a great bbq'r and helpful host.


Hahn at Home said...

It was fun and the food was fabulous. Plus, your MIL cracks me up.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Thanks for going over and sitting with them. Wish we could've mixed it up a bit more...the seating but oh well, it worked out just fine.

Eileen said...

Wow that looked like fun! I'll be sure to be around next year!!! You will invite me right? LOL

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Eileen..of course!

TaraDharma said...

Food looks fabulous - those lamb ribs! OMG, who knew? Apparently youse guys did!

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law Dave looks like I do after 3 or 4 Gentleman Jack's and water! How you doin', bro?!? Love, Your big bro

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Hey bro..

Actually, Dave was pooped from grilling. Nothing to drink..yet!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Greg and Becky are Sacrag people? Is Greg the SacEats guy? Is Becky Runnergirl? My world is caving in on itself - GAHHHH!!!!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful time and allowing us to make some new friends! The food was DEE-licious!

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Margaret...yes, and yes. Did I forget to introduce him as Sac-eats and her Runnergirl? See, Eileen will come next time..and she'll be Just the Two of Us.