Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Memorial for Robert--friends, food and drink!

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We started out at a tiny little old cemetery on ElderCreek Road. Robert was buried in the family plot..his official headstone not up yet. We left a "gift basket" with breakfast beer and hydrangeas, shared a sip of beer and then poured the rest on top.. from us and some of his other friends. (Greg, you'll be happy to know this). It is an old little cemetery..established in 1864.

We then drove over to his the address online. I knew he lived next to a good friend who he played music with and made stringed instruments with. Someone lives in his house now, but we spoke to the neighbors and they knew Robert and they pointed us in the direction of his friend, Stuart who lived two houses down. He was in his truck getting ready to leave when we drove up. We spoke briefly. He recalled having lunch with Robert and I (and his girl Marian) when I first started the Sac Food Forums..we ate at The Waterboy. He spoke of how 10th street became a commune of sorts, helping Robert when he fell ill. He said by the time Robert was diagnosed, the cancer was everywhere in his body. Stuart got why we stopped by......he said his memorial was wonderful with lots of musicians, tears, and lots of stories and laughter.

We were going to go to Guisti's..but we were too hungry and decided to do what Robert often did...a restaurant crawl down Stockton Blvd. We stopped at Alanzo's, where Robert and I talked about their fantastic pasole/pazole. We were not disappointed..again. Dave got the beef tacos. I had a red beer and Dave had a bud. Their food is "to die for" (sorry Robert..but you would've laughed at that one). If you want some real-deal Mexican breakfast..or lunch...or dinner, hit Alonzo's on Stockton by Yankee Ace Hardware...right down from Happy Garden Restaurant.
See ya later Robert!

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