Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Was Ravenous!

I am still thinking about the most perfect soup I've ever had. It was their special soup of the day which consisted of cannellini beans, ahi tuna, salmon, muscles, pancetta, and saffron. I was afraid the muscles might be rubbery..and maybe the tuna and salmon. I was dead wrong. When I was finished, I wanted to lick the bowl but my tongue wasn't long enough. Where the hell is Gene Simmons when ya need him?

I had the small plate of grilled haloumi cheese on a baguette with arugala, fresh diced tomatoes, luscious olive oil and high viscosity balsamic vinegar. So very delicious, perfect, melt in my mouth, want some more good!

The server was attentive and kind, even though she was busting her butt at lunch time today. It was packed. Yes, it is small, but people were waiting for a table. This place is Biba good.

I tucked my head into the kitchen and told the chef he deserves 5 stars! He seemed appreciative.

On a side note, a lady came in while I was there wanting a table for two. Nothing open. She said they'd had reservations but were late. I am thinking...hey, you want these people to hold a table when there are others waiting? The server suggested she wait just one moment..she was sure something would open up. Something did, about 5 minutes later. Another thing...people please wise up. You are at a very busy, small bistro. You are finished with your meal but you sit there and talk for another 20 minutes. The server comes by, asks if you need anything else..clears the plates and you still sit there. Geez. People like that have never owned a restaurant or worked in one....maybe never worked at all. Go talk outside already.

I give Ravenous Cafe two thumbs and 10 toes up! happy. You deserve it and they do too! If you make reservations, show up a bit early.


Eileen and Sue said...

Great review! I've been wanting to go there but thought I'd wait a while for the newness to wear off.. with food that good I don't think it will. I think I'll suggest Ravenous for our birthday dinner outing.
It sounds wonderful

Peg said...

Haha! The Gene Simmons restaurant rating. Only you...

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Eileen..great choice. I cannot wait to try their grass fed beef..and risotto.

Peg..Yes. Instead of stars or'll be tongues. So tongues out, tongues wagging, or what?