Saturday, March 21, 2009

Letter from Prison

[ We received this letter from Jer today. We sent a quarterly pkg with food stuff and hygiene stuff..and one CD. My favorite, Greg Allman..."I'm No Angel". Jer is doing well in his classes and seems better than ever...thought I'd post it. Here are his words:]

Dear Folks,

Got some good news. Not only did I get the package, but I've also got new eyeballs on the way. Plus I'm gonna get my stomach stitched up. Getting hooked up finally. Turns out I've got two hernias, maybe three. All pretty much in a straight line down the middle of my gut. That's cool, rather have em there than in the more common nether regions.

As for my eyeballs, I just didn't know what I'd been missing until I tried on a friend of mines glasses. It was over after that, figured I better have me a pair. Went to the eye doc and he agreed. He said I could see well enough to pass a drivers test (ha ha) but I have trouble reading, etc. Kinda funny, as a kid I never wanted glasses but now I can't wait!

The only thing that should still affect me that hasn't been vetoed by our governor is the 6 month parole upon discharge. It's the only thing that would of at this point anyway. They pass this bill, post it in the library, get everyone all fired up with some hope, and then veto it. Dumb-ass.

Great CD by the way. He was the bad guy in that movie "Rush", huh? I never knew he went on his own way , so there I was telling the C.O. doing my package search that "I think my mom meant to send me the Allman Brothers". He set me straight. Gave me the run-down, the whole history of the Allman Brothers and their breakup. Longest conversation I think I've ever had with a cop.

Thanks for the package. I like the smell of that AXE. Hell, I even like the smell of that 100% Austrailian Beeswax. Not smoking, I find myself caring alot more. I even put a drop of body wash in my rinse water when I wash my clothes or sheets. Hell-of-a lot better than smelling feet and ass all the time in these cramped quarters.

I've aquired a couple of C.D.s Dave will like, although he probably has em. Alan Jackson "Under the Influence" and Reba McEntires "Greatest Hits". Just needed some country in my life. That C.D. I mentioned, Pink. I think you'd like her. She's like a new age Pat Benatar or Joan Jett. She's "cool". [that CD was not available]

Speaking of cool, I didn't play it very cool this morning. I was off where I shouldn't have been doing some work when a C.O. came looking for me for an appt. that I'd forgotten about. I wrote it down wrong on my calendar. Dumb mistake on my part. But a different C.O. that I'm cool with heard it over his radio and came to get me. Anyway, I'm too close to getting my time back. I would have felt very foolish,

Love You Guys,

[c.o. = correctional officer]


Peg said...

He writes really well. A local underground paper (Pittsburgh City Paper) had a very lengthy series written by an anonymous inmate that was extremely interesting.

Inside views of prison life are huge right now, with all of the filming that they do. (Is it on Bravo?)

Perhaps I smell a career. Please give him my regards!

Hahn at Home said...

Glad he is taking care of himself the best he can...and yeah, good writing for sure.