Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years Dinner...delayed. Steak and Lobster!

I had to watch a video to figure out to put the meat of
the lobster on the outside of the shell.
The steak looks purple almost...damn camera!

I grilled the rib steaks. They turned out tender and rare.

Look at the lobster...1.5 lbs for a mere 60. bucks!
It took some timing to make sure the beef and lobster were
ready at the same time...and the fresh spinach! I have been
craving spinach like Popeye! It was just like when I was pg
with my son Mike. Back then, I could only get spinach in a can..
but I would eat about 4 cans a day when I was pregnant with him.


Hahn at Home said...

Oh sure, you don't invite me over for THAT!

Looks great! Happy New Year!

Mike S said...

It's a new year, so I won't even tell you what live lobster goes for here right now. Suffice it to say that selling to cover costs and maintain some sort of cash flow is common right now.

Another thing, where'd the REST of the 'sea roach' go?? Somebody sold you either a defective lobster and/or it has a 'birth defect' of some sort.(hehehe)

Eileen and Sue said...

That looks good, love lobster. I've been known to eat a 3lb all by myself, but that was a whole lobster.
Hmm..makes me think I should go buy a couple..

Ulla said...

that lobsters looks so great!:)
happy new year:)

pat said...

oooooh yummy. it all looks perfectly cooked. we made a lobster, scallops and prawn gratin in a creamy saffron sauce with prime rib for Christmas eve.