Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Long Day's Journey into Night

My granddaughter and Simon..watching Lady & the Tramp

My son and DIL left their suburban home to head for PDX [Portland airport] and hop a plane for Oakland. They flew into Oakland because they will end up in Petaluma, which is closer to the Oakland Airport. Anyhoo. Due to snow and bumper to bumper traffic, they missed their flight. Four hours later, they do get on a plane and make it to Oakland.

They haul the grand kids to the rental place, put their car seats and bags into rental van...and on their way out of the rental place parking lot...Jenn gets hit. Fender bender. Get out of that rental van and into another. Ethan is developing the croup.

So now it is bumper to bumper traffic from East Bay to Sac. They stop and eat. By the time they get is 9pm. Ethan is worse. They take him to the ER. They get home at midnight.

The upside? Elaina was so happy to see me. I got the biggest hug ever and we enjoyed eating popcorn and watching a movie together. She was perfectly "at home" here. Ethan is contagious so we had to cancel our play date with Sac kids. He's still feeling poorly today.

Onward and upward I say!


Anonymous said...

I hope the poor little guy feels better. -Jenny

Peg said...

I wish Ethan well too.

How cute is this picture? Love how the cat gets all comfy!

My dog always has to get right in the middle of whatever the girls are doing.

Pat said...

Ah, the joys of traveling with children. Hope Ethan feels better today. Love the photo of Elaina. Nothing is better than big hugs from grandkids!

Eileen and Sue said...

Aww poor guy, I know how hard it is traveling with a sick little one.Hope he's better so you guys can have a play day.