Monday, January 19, 2009

It Comforts, It Refreshes, It Soothes... and it's NOT Preparation H

I absolutely love vegetable soup..with or without meat. I want big chunks of veggies in a delicate broth. Well, I had a bunch of chicken stock in the freezer, some chicken meat, lots of fresh veggies, and some fresh-picked lemons (I like to grate a little lemon zest in ALL of my soups) so I got down to business. There was still fresh thyme and rosemary in the score!! The best addition? My canned tomatoes from last summer. I opened a jar. Trust me when I say "it wasn't easy to do. I bowed before the jar.. just prior to popping the lid off."

I've been trying to be more sensitive to my in-laws needs when I cook...especially in the past few months. They don't eat much anymore, but when they do I want them to have healthy and nutritious food on hand. This soup was just what the doctor ordered...literally.

It's just a basic veggie soup recipe...and I drizzle a little really good extra virgin olive oil over the top when the soup is finished..along with that lemon zest!



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Peg said...

You are so thoughtful of your in-laws.

One of my nieces and her husband have a personal care home for about 10 older people. (Her family lives in the home too.) When I visit I am always struck by the wonderful meals that LeeAnn prepares for her people. Fresh and nutritious, she puts an enormous amount of work into their diets. LeeAnn and Louis grow as much food of their own as they can. They also raise a few barnyard animals. Last year they put up 80 quarts of tomatoes with the help of family.

Fresh lemon in your yard? (I know, from the tree next door.) Looks like perfection.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

The lemons are from my tree!

pat said...

Simon looks exactly like my Buddy. I miss him so much.

Of course I now have 3 cats and a dog that have taken his place. I must be insane!

pat said...

Yesterday I spent the day...the entire day, watching the new president take the oath of office and all the festivities that followed. What a great day. I wish I had been able to share it with my grandchildren!!