Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tamales Make Me Happy

I was SO hoping to have tamales. I used to buy them from the Mexican grocer on my way home from work. That was when we lived near Florin Mall..and they have since closed. Great tamales...a perfect blend of masa and pork, and sometimes cheese and chile's.
**Tonight..the doorbell rang. It was Jane and Javier with tamales. They are fabulous landscapers..if you need a landscaper/gardner.
[This will surprise my relatives in Montana and Wyoming...but very few people do their own lawns here. I used to mow my own..which took me forever. Then I watched as these huge landscaping companies would do my neighbors front and back lawn within 13 minutes each week. I ask..."what did that cost you?"]

Jane and Javier brought us these fabulous tamales. Jane told us how to heat them they won't be dried out. I had to taste one...and it was so wonderful. Lots of pork, a thin layer of moist masa=perfection. We are so greatful for Jane and Javier. BTW..they are the ones who introduced us to our most wonderful renters ...over at our "unsold" home.


Eileen and Sue said...

MMMMMMMM those look good. I thought about making some this year but that's as far as it went. Maybe once Christmas is over. I know your supposed to do it for Christmas but it's just too much work and no time.

Mike S said...

They'd make ME happier if they were HERE;)