Saturday, December 06, 2008

1960's Christmas Theme ...includes dinner

I've gone wacko over my 1960's Christmas Theme and Dinner this season. I won the bid on e-bay for an aluminum christmas tree and am ordering the "color wheel" that goes with it. Anyone recall those?

I am researching what was popular to have for Christmas Dinner back then. My MIL says nothing has changed...but surely it has!! I recall jello..for one thing...and that fruit salad from a can with lots of whipped cream in it.

Who else remembers Christmas in the 60's? What did you eat...and how was your table set? What ornaments do you recall? I remember those bubble-up candle thinga majeegers.


Anonymous said...

My memories of holiday meals at our house were usually all the same: Lots of people, huge table and nice tablesetting, gravy bowl, platter, appropriate silverwear (yes, the good silver from the wooden box with the satin liner), etc.

And then there was our table. Yes, the little kids' table. Chairs so low that our knees were above our shoulders, and cheap folding tables capable of removing a finger.

We would sit on whatever was available, be it a footstool, old shoebox, stack of books, it really didn't matter.

And, I don't actually ever remember eating the meal. I do remember hearing, "You'll finish it now or have it for breakfast in the morning!" Or, worse yet, not wanting to finish oatmeal at breakfast time and come lunch seeing the same cold oatmeal, which by now is set up well enough to make an mason proud.

Ah! The good old days. They can kiss my old arse. ~ From your loving brother, John

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

OMG..yes! I recall cold eggs for lunch..and that oatmeal. I recall eating the potatoes and gravy..and the dressing. Yes..the table in the kitchen...and sitting on a stack of encylopedias!

We had good silver from a wooden box with satin liner?? I just recall the Fire King dishes.

Eileen and Sue said...

I don't remember anything different about Christmas in the 60's compared to today..same food, turkey, ham, yams, cranberries, jello and a green salad (still have jello salad),mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls. It's only now when it's my turn to cook we don't have turkey.. last year was Beef Wellington.. but the rest was pretty much the same.
I guess that's the point to keep the traditions alive.

WyoRabbi said...

Ruth and I talked about Christmas dinner today. We considered a prime rib but decided to make this year different. I will make jambalaya and she will make her great potato soup. Something easy and different.

We went traditional at Thanksgiving -- enchiladas -- so we decided something different for Christmas.