Saturday, November 08, 2008

Toast and Tea

I am worried about how my MIL eats. She doesn't. She tells me she eats "toast and tea" in the morning and then isn't hungry the rest of the day. I know, for a fact, that she crams Oreo Cookies and other sweets down her gullet on a daily basis.

So, I went online to find out about the elderly and nutrition. There is a a term called the "tea and toast" syndrome. It came about due to old people living alone and all they could make was toast and tea. These seniors suffer from malnutrition..which is not diagnosed because if their vitals are okay..then the dr. never asks what they eat.

Well, my MIL had a sudden spike in blood pressure last she happily takes more pills. I have been hounding her to eat more meat and veggies...which she will not do. She wobbles down the hall and says she has no energy. Hello?? I asked her if she told her Dr. what she eats on a daily basis. "He didn't ask", she said. Malnutrition also contributes to dementia....and her memory is getting worse by the day.

I take food over daily...good food, healthy food. I go and look in the frig 2x a week and see that the food I brought over is still there.

My FIL had his last chemo-type treatment on Friday. His temp came up today..I went over and took his temp. It was 100.4 and then 100.3. I told him I'd bring some soup over. My MIL called to say that he didn't want to eat....they had some leftover meatloaf in the frig that I'd brought over on Thursday. I questioned that decision, saying..."but I thought dad wanted soup or pasta...and you should eat too". She said..."thanks, but to be honest, we are not hungry at all. Why eat if we are not hungry? We don't want to get fat". I tried to tell her that our bodies and organs need nutrients...even if we don't feel like it. It's like running a car on fumes. She said, "don't bring food...we are fine".

I am worried. They both look skinny to me.


DIL said...

So your saying when I am old I will finally be skinny? Just kidding... I feel bad for them. Is there a special place they like to go for dinner? Maybe you can order take out... Maybe you can get them that assure drink. It’s supposed to be good for older people’s nutrition. Maybe they would rather drink their protein. I hear it taste pretty good. Maybe you could keep it at your house and stick it in a blender with a scoop of ice cream and take them a "shake" every day. Hell, throw an Oreo init and tell her it's an Oreo shake....Could work.

Hahn at Home said...

Mel, look tonight for the Dishonor Roll you sent me. It's been a busy newsweek at HAH.

I'm going on MIL's diet.

Blood pressure, schmudpressure.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

DIL..I am probably just jealous.:) Good suggestions, all of them.


Jenny sent me that list..I'll look.

Eileen and Sue said...

Have them try Instant Breakfast, it tastes better than Assure. My friend who is a dietician said it's just as nutricious. Are they at a point that they don't remember if they ate or not? I'm having that problem with my mom. Same thing, finding food I took her days later in the fridge. We now have a woman come in 6 days to help her make dinner. My mom hates her being there and is RUDE! Oh well, I'll probably be the same way.

Hahn at Home said...

They are old people skinny. My great aunt was malnourished - the nutritionist didn't pay attention to the doctor and my GA followed the nutritionists instructions. It nearly killed her.

You keep an eye on that!