Friday, November 14, 2008

Posters for Protest

Dave and I talked about what to put on our protest signs for tomorrow. We discussed the idea of having a "straights for gays" sign and then decided we didn't care/or want anyone to know which side of the fence we were on. So, we came up with those signs.
I want to mention that my dear husband has been suffering from shingles for weeks now. Even with sunglasses on, his left eye is so sensitive to the sun that it feels like someone is putting a knife into his eye...even with his sunglasses on. He has been to the eye doc twice a week, for 3 weeks, to make sure that shingles have not invaded his left eye. It has not..thankfully, but it is still so very painful for him. My ankle is still swollen most of the time..and hurts like hell. We are both total "gimps". We still plan to go and protest..because it is so important. It is a civil rights issue.


Mike S said...

A group of fellow human beings that have been denied basic rights for FAR TOO LONG!! If we were there we'd join in too! Mike & Shirley S.

Mike S said...

By the way, the letter to the young man is at the top of my list now I can finally see.

Peg said...

Thanks for all you do.