Friday, October 31, 2008

Tyler Florence Coming to Area

I got this email from Copia saying he is the executive chef now at their restaurant, Julia's Kitchen. I thought Jeff Mosher was the e. chef there? I went to Tyler's website and didn't see anything about his new chef duties..but then, executive chefs don't have to be "in the house" much.

Anyway..he does a book signing at Copia (in Napa) from 11 - 12 on Sat. the 8th and then cooks a dinner (175.00 for one) the eve of the 9th at 6:30. Call for reservations707-265-5700.

If you don't want to drive that far to get his new book and google at his baby blues, then head to SF . On Friday eve at the perfect time of 5 pm (for you commuters) he'll be at Sur La Table at the Ferry Bldg. It's free..get there early. He'll also be at Cost Plus World Market in SF this coming Sunday, the 2nd, from 11 - 1pm. It's at 2552 Taylor again, not counting gas, cost of eating in SF, etc.

I see from his website that he is for Obama. Good Man Tyler!

P.S. BE sure to VOTE NO on 8

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