Thursday, October 09, 2008

Comfort Food....and stuff

So today, Dave took his dad to the cancer center to have his blood cleaned up..and they will go back for another 4 hours tomorrow. Next week will be Bills first chemo-type therapy. I took my MIL up there to make sure all was well, then we stopped by Old Ironsides for a bit of lunch (cool spot!) and then to the grocery store.

I was supposed to be having an endoscopy at 11 today...but, the procedure center called yesterday before noon saying they didn't have any notes, the referral was screwed up somehow, blah..blah...blah. We cannot wait to get out of this medical group...Hill Physicians. We've had nothing but trouble with it.

So, my MIL and I talked about having some comfort food for dinner. Bill was tired, Dave was drained, Joyce was worried still...and I cook when I feel frazzled.

I cut up two chickens and fried the parts...used the rest to make chicken stock (I am obsessed with good chicken stock/broth), made mashed potatoes and gravy...and I enjoy mixing corn into my mashed potatoes and gravy! I've always done that. I had some chicken tenders left over so made chicken salad for tomorrow...and now I am going to bed.

I am so happy that my husband is taking such good care of his daddy. It's a good thing.

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Yum, that looks awesome!