Thursday, October 23, 2008

California No on 8

So, today I left "Elephant Man" and got out of the house...limping along like a gimp. I was going to get "No on 8" signs for my yard. I managed to get a parking spot on 8th street...hurray. I limped over to 717 K to get my signs. They were out..but the helpful guy took two signs off the wall for me, gave me a bunch of stickers..and then sent me over to the phone bank room to get bumper stickers. I met some very nice people today at the "NO on 8" headquarters in Sacramento.

I got home and nailed the signs to my new tree supports...which offer a great view from two busy streets. I can tell you that in 10 blocks in my neighborhood, I have not seen ANY political way or the other. So I called the Sac Obama headquarters and asked how to get a sign. The woman who answered said, "we don't have any signs". I waited..and she repeated it. I told her I saw a man coming out of Safeway on S street with an Obama sign. She replied, "don't know where he got it". I replied..."geez, I guess Obama must be doing really well if you don't care about people having signs in their yard..and explained that there were NO signs within 10 blocks of my house 'in the pocket'. She said nothing. I hung up. Politics have changed. All anyone wants now is $$. I am old, but I recall that if someone was willing to put a yard sign up...a yard sign was provided...or at least one was told where to get one!

Maybe Safeway is selling Obama signs??

Here is another strange thing that happened after I got my 'No on 8' signs. I walked into this shop..just a few doors down from where I got my stuff. I wanted a cool drink. I had a No on 8 sticker on my shirt..and was holding other such signs as I looked around this store. A man, who appeared to be Chinese, along with about 6 other such people behind the counter, said, "you are against gays right...those gays will destroy our country. I will vote no as well. I am against gay marriage!" They were all staring at me. I said nothing. He asked if I had any other 'NO' stickers. I gave them all I had. They were putting them on baby strollers, on their shirts, etc. I told them I had to leave, as I was sure my time was up at my parking spot. They all thanked me. I got the hell out before someone came in to give them the REAL scoop on their stickers! It was sort of scary.

My poor husband, Dave, is so ill with shingles. Just a you age, please learn how to de-stress or it could happen to you!! Both of his eyes are swollen shut now. We go back to the doc tomorrow. His dear mom is taking his dad for chemo tomorrow..and they are both nearly 80 years old.


Hahn at Home said...

Mel - That is hilarious! I'm glad you didn't set them "straight"!!!!!

I'm hoping there are a lot of people who don't know how to vote...but only on their side.

peg said...


Surely there will be a big reward for you at the BIG GAY BAR in heaven!

Hey, I am concerned about Dave. Hope they gave him narcotics for the pain, which must be horrific! I have a passing interest in facial pain and sent someone a link to look at Dave's face. (he has another kind of facial pain that they initial diagnosed as shingles)

Never having had shingles myself, I still will never forget visiting a neighbor who had them. She was in so much pain that she could barely speak. Then again, my mom had them and they weren't too bad.

Also, thanks to you, I made the first grilled cheese of my life. I don't like it but I had the two little girls and that's what they wanted. I thought back to your blog and created something that they still wouldn't eat. But I tried!


Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Lori..I know. :) say the nicest things. You made a grilled cheese kids wouldn't eat?? You know you have to put cheese inside the bread, butter the outside, and then grill it in a pan of some sort...right?

Peg said...

That is sooo funny!! In fact the 3 yr old told me she wanted cheese on her bread. When I asked if I was supposed to put it on the inside, or outside, she said she "thought" her mother put it inside, wasn't sure. That's when I decided she was talking about grilled cheese.

I made it with shredded mozarella on tuscany bread. Then I cut out circles with a little glass. They didn't like it because it wasn't velveeta on wonder.

This was a big improvement in feeding kids. Two weeks ago I was trying to give them protein shakes and baby snickers!