Wednesday, October 01, 2008

almost gone...

I will miss the big old tree. I won't miss worrying about the branches falling on our house...or our neighbors houses. I won't miss the ever-present "anal leaf-blowing neighbors". He was out today blowing the "sawdust" away. Sac Tree Foundation will be out Tuesday to help us choose a more suitable tree for a new location out front.

The tree guys will be back tomorrow to finish the job...and grind the stump. It's taken them 2 days so far. Maybe I should have a chainsaw artist come and do a sculpture with what's left?! Maybe a dude with a leaf-blower? Any other ideas? Does anyone know a chainsaw sculptor?? There's a lot of wood there!!


Hahn at Home said...

Have it carved into Barack - that ought to fly well in your neighborhood.

Peg said...

Hahah. Dude with leaf blower!! Love it.

We've had a couple of "tree problems" this year. Our neighbor is so great about it. We always apologize and try to clean her yard up first. She has even given her permission for tree trimmer trucks to go on her property and just couldn't be nicer.

Wish you had the same.