Thursday, September 11, 2008

RIP Mom 9/19/1930 to 9/11/2001

It's hard to believe that it's been 7 years since her death.

As I have said often, mom loved to cook. She was a chef, in fact. She worked her way up to the position...Chef and Kitchen Manager of a large Hotel and Casino in Montana. Mom also remodeled her own house (knocked down walls, put up walls, roofed it), and she became a licensed reflexologist and nutritionalist. In later years she made her own wine.

Hell, when she was on oxygen full time, she put her machine at the back door and got enough tubing so that she could garden out back.

She could be a real pill..but we all can. I still miss her, very much. I got a Himalayan Pink Salt Plate as a gift..and I want to know what to do with the damned thing. Well, since I can't call her anymore, I guess I'll just google it. I thought about using it for a salt lick...put it at the bottom of the bed or something.

I know she'd be voting for Obama!!


Hahn at Home said...

Sorry I missed this entry! I know she would have voted Obama too!

Peg said...

Wow! Your mom sounds like she was really something special. I can't believe that she passed on 9/11! I lost my mom in the summer of 2000. I still miss her enormously but draw on much of the strength and wisdom that she shared with me. I hope you will always be able to do the same.