Thursday, September 04, 2008

Janis Ian...dontcha think I'm sexy?

I know...I look like a troll. Where are the billy goats?
I have three oozing pimples on my chin, open cracks on both sides of my mouth, and eye-styes. This CPAP mask is doing wonders for me! No snoring... but I look like this every morning. Sweet! If I can keep the infection out, I may live to be 70!

Oh, and one more appealing image...I got stung by a bee..on the left side of my neck when I was in Susanville. I am allergic to bee stings. Luckily, we got some benadryl in me right away. The bad looks like I have a bee hive growing under my jawline.

I won't talk about food today. Ewwww.

Good News: I finally get to see Janis Ian next Friday night...$25. per ticket. Wow.

We are going to see Janis Ian at The Palms in Winters Sept. 12th. Perhaps we'll have dinner in town prior to her show. I just Love her music. I bet she'll notice me right away. :) Inteview here and singing here and a tribute here and the Japanese version here


Eileen and Sue said...

LOL you must look lovely!
Wow, Janice that's a blast from the past! If in Winters go to Buckhorn Grill or to the Putah Creek Cafe.. both are good.

Hahn at Home said...

Okay, I hadn't seen a recent pic and I gots to say, I had no idea it was her. Then I looked in the mirror as I looked at my high school graduation picture. Oy.

Wish I could go...