Friday, May 16, 2008

Shower Curtain Inspires Menu

So Dave and I found this "vacation" shower curtain at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Well, he found it and exclaimed, "isn't this the tackiest shower curtain you've ever seen? I love it." At which point I agreed, we bought it and the accessories that matched. We still want to find a pink flamingo so we can stick it in a bucket of go in the corner. It is our summer look. We also bought beach towels, flip flops, and snorkel gear to put in the front bath. The salesperson who sold us this stuff said, "why not just let him buy a Tiki bar for the patio?" Little does she know that my husband already has 5 large ticki torches attached to the back fence and a wonderful misting system for those hot summer days. Well, anyway...this summer decorating made us think of Whole Roasted Suckling Pig! Taylor's Market will order one for us.

We have decided that we will make a pit and roast an entire suckling pig this summer. Maybe we'll do it on the 4th of July..and have a pig party that evening. Won't that be fun? We'll take ideas for side don't be shy. If you want to be invited...just say so. Aloha baby!

[I took the top pic when I was in Utila a few years's an Island off of Honduras. My beach rental was a few feet from this scene. I was invited to join some locals for their BBQ..and this guy put his cutting board on that tree and hacked up a chicken with that machete. They cut up plantains as well..and fried them over an open fire..along with the chicken. It was really a "beach fry"..and was muy delicioso]


Eileen and Sue said...

YUM.. I love suckling pig.. what is the shower curtain made of? It looks like shaggy stuff..I like the bathmat and accessories.
Cute idea.
decorating is not my house is shabby chic.. heavy emphasis on shabby..

Mike S said...

I wonder how well suckling pig travels over the 'net'? Neat shower theme. Sounds as if you're close to opening a Trader Vic's franchise:)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I LOVE that shower curtain!

- Margaret

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

The curtain is made of plastic...but "in real life" it isn't that shiney.

Just yesterday I found an orange candle with pink flamingos on it...and I bought it. It looks great in the bathroom.

Mike..I'll fex ex you some roasted pig. We are thinking about offering scorpions or mai tais while using the facility. We'd name it "Trader Shitz" though.