Sunday, April 06, 2008

Having Fun--Portland Style (click on pics to enlarge)

We all headed to Fir Farms Saturday morning (very cold) for their plant sale and farmers market. We bought MEAT from Gartner's! Elaina enjoyed the mud puddles and the Nut House. Later, my son Mike, took me to lunch in downtown Portland and we stopped by his favorite photography shop. We asked some 'sushi-eating-looking-type people' in the Pearl District where we should go for a decent sushi lunch. (I wanted to eat at Alberta Street Oyster Bar..but like many other spots, it was not open for lunch). Sushi Takahashi, near 7th and Broadway was recommended...which was open till 3pm on Saturday. It's in a very kitchy downtown neighborhood. It was fun! We ordered up lots of sushi..the bill came to 23 bucks with tip! It wasn't as good as Akebono in Sacramento, but very decent indeed. It gets mixed revieews at yelp.

On Friday, I took my DIL and grandkids to see 'Go Dog Go' at Northwest Children's Theatre. We all loved it, even little Ethan! We rode The MAX (lightrail) around's free in the downtown area, which is so nice. Elaina loved riding it. We had a fun and very decent lunch at 'Rock Bottom'...a very busy spot downtown. Both kids were happy all day long! Well, Jenn and I were as well.

Today, Sunday, we went to 'The Rose Quarter' and saw the Circus Gatti. I do believe the entire family makes up the entire circus! They seemed to do everything from painting faces to impressive high wire acts. Just the names changed. Loved the cool motorcycles going very fast sideways in the round thingee. We drove most of the way and then took MAX down to the venue. We came back to our car on the Trolley. Elaina was thrilled..with the balloons, the motorcycles, and the public transportation. It was rainy and cold on the way to...but sunshine on the way from. The Blazers were playing next one would think it would be impossible to get there and back..but we did. No problemo.

Enjoy the photos! They are not in order, much like this post, so just figure it out.

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Shankari said...

You look so content around your grand kids. It puts a smile on my face :) Have fun!