Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me Love Himachi..and other stuff

I happened to be driving down Riverside the other day and finally decided to pull into the little strip mall and try Banzai Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar. It's owned by the same folks who have Edokko, a wonderful Japanese spot in the strip mall across the street! With Plan B, Edokko, Banzai, and Scotts Seafood, things are looking up for good eats in "the pocket". is a smallish kind of spot but cozy enough. There is a little sushi bar up front and about 10-12 tables. The server was prompt and courteous.

I started with some hot tea and the Lomi Lomi roll(avacado and cucumber inside, topped with salmon, yellow onions slices, scallions, chili oil and spicey sauce). It was beautiful and the fish was like butter. It was not overly sauced at was absolutely delicious and very fresh at a cost of only $7.50.

I had some Hamachi (yellow tail) which was as fresh as could be and the dipping sauce was to die for. The sushi chef seemed to be a real pro. They had Uni as well, but decided against it. I have a friend who loves sea urchin so I was going to try it..but I will next time. Honest.

I wanted to try some soup so ordered the Nabeyaki Udon (took most home with me).The noodles were in a broth with chicken, mushrooms,bok choy, and was served in a huge iron pot. There was a perfect poached egg on the top and was served with two shrimp tempura. The broth was lite and lucious. I ate that soup for two more days!

The menu has combination boxes, lots of appetizers, donburi, chicken katsu, kalbi (korean style BBQ ribs) and lots of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. In the winter they offer Shabu Shabu..cook at your own table. They also offer some great kids plates like a sushi plate, Tempura udon, Chicken kastsu, etc.


Banzai Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar
6409 Riverside Blvd (in little strip mall behind Shell station)
Sacramento, CA 95831
Tel. 421-4055


Hahn at Home said...

Me love uni.

What's the best sushi place you've been to in town?

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Oto's Japanese Market on Freeport..but get there before lunch starts.

Eileen and Sue said...

me do not like hamachi.
LOL I don't do Japanese..I like it but guess to me it's just stuff we always had. Of course sushi like you get at a sushi bar is not what we had at home. I'll have to give it a try. Also want to try the one on Freeport by Rite Aid.