Saturday, December 01, 2007

Okay...I am pissed off!

So, now there is talk in the media about repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" lesbian/gay military deal. The military is kicking out dedicated men and women because they have "come out" as being gay. Get real people. The military has always had dedicated gay men and women in the armed forces. Many died for our freedom....many have won medals during wartime.

Do we believe that sexual orientation has anything at all to do with one's ability to serve this country? Hell no!

Dave and I are just flat out horrified that this is even being brought up again. We'd be pleased if the military would once and for all admit that our country is being defended by many honorable gay men and women and many other soldiers that our society refuses to accept as "heroes".

Write your congresswomen and men. This is 2007 people!

Fuck John McCain and anyone who feels the same way he does! They must be in the dark ages with regard to homosexuality. Educate yourselves!


lorilhahn said...

Tell us how you really feel, Mel.

It's been ridiculous, but when so many of our serving folks are from places that still look at being gay as a shit-kicking offense, any new policy would also have to come with adequate protections and strong, clear, and be followed up with extremely punitive action to protect those who serve "out."

Eileen and Sue said...

AMEN to that!! I don't see what sexual orientation has to do with anything be it in the military or anywhere else. What your sexual orientation is no ones business but your own and has no bearing on how you do a job or defend your country.