Friday, November 23, 2007

Mel and Dave's Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi – I’m Lori from Hahn at Home. Mellie and her wonderful husband Dave invited me, two of the kids, and Uncle Doreen to join them and Dave’s parents for a fabulous Harvest Festival meal. Some of you might call it Thanksgiving. As usual, the food was fabulous. Mel & Dave made the turkey a joint venture and it was succulent. The sides and drinks sublime. The company, well, that too was as usual and was unsurpassed. Please enjoy these photos of some of what I was able to experience yesterday. Thanks guys! It was terrific.

I’ll let Mellie tell you about her holiday tradition and how that turned out—Mel – your turn! [okay Lori..but we did invite all of your's just that one is not home right now].

I have this tradition where everyone brings something that has meaning, but they are willing to let it go. All of the items are put on a table and people choose which item they want..and why. The person that brought it then tells why the item has meaning for them. Everyone leaves (or stays) with a new keepsake..and everyone knows a bit more about each guest. It's a nice little tradition.

Lori brought the relish tray..on her grandma's ceramic shell plate that she made herself.. in the 1950's. Doreen brought some fabulous stuffed mushrooms and some great wine. We had some Hahn Pinot Noir, some Fetzers Pinot Grigio, and some Kendal Jackson Chardonnay. We also had my grandma Rosenberg's stuffing, a great all-natural turkey that Dave had brined for 24 hours prior to roasting; my MIL brought pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, persimmon pudding with hard sauce, and yams. We had potatoes, and a cold green been salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette with Pt. Reyes blue cheese sprinkles. (I took that recipe from my prep days in Paragarys kitchen).

We enjoyed lots of laughs, and Doreen managed to escape my FIL's looooooong stories by saying she had to go find Lori. We were in the closet..looking for movies. I still laugh everytime I think of the speed reader who he had blisters on his fingers!! That was a good one for sure.

I only invited Lori so she would bring Em, and Joe. They brought a portable Wii...and now Dave is pricing them all over the place.

Thanks Father Sky and Mother Earth for the blessings of food, family, and good friends...and of wine.


Eileen and Sue said...
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Eileen and Sue said...

OK I'm going to try this again.. I said it all looked good.. wish I could have joined you all. Zinfandel Grill was not half bad.. they were packed!
Glad everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Hahn at Home said...

Thanks, Mel--again.

Dale said...

What a great tradition, a really wonderful idea. Glad you had a great time. Breaking out the Wii is a great idea too!