Saturday, October 13, 2007, um

So I was thinking I should post something. Nothing is coming up for me. I think I'll go read some of my favorite blogs in order to get some the ones I have linked up in the left-hand column.

I just added "The Passion of Dale".

Oh,...I have not mentioned my happiest moments the past few days..but I see that Eileen over at Just the Two of Us is stayin on top of it!

I am just really happy to be shit. And of course, I'll be seeing my son, my DIL, and my GRANDBABY tomorrow. Mike works at Intel..but he has become quite the photographer on the side. He has now built a studio in his house..and he tells me he has rented two lenses to take some "portraits" while I am there. Damn...I wish I had gone to my hairdresser last week. Oh well. I am so proud of them. They totally share the parenting duties..when she works, he has the baby. When he works, she has the baby..and when I am there...I have the baby! Mike is also getting his degree in Business he is busy. I don't know how they keep up...and I'll be a grandma again in December! [that's it though...Bob Barker will be happy to know they are getting spayed and neutered after this one].

They love it when I come visit...I cook, we laugh, we eat, we play... and just have a good ole time.

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Eileen and Sue said...

Have fun with the grandbaby, I know how much fun it is. I'll be expecting my 2nd one in April. Glad they are close, at least by plane. Portland or San Diego.. very doable.